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Head MassageOne of our most specialised massages here at Sante Massage London is our head massage. Our head massage focuses entirely on the scalp and head which are areas often overlooked by contemporary massage but may well be the most important parts of the body to receive massage. A head massage isn’t so focused on the bodily relaxation that other massages offer but has some incredible benefits that are not to be overlooked by any means.

Following 2,500 year old ancient Chinese massage techniques no aspect of the body’s physical of spiritual wellness is left to chance. Our techniques recognise the importance of the scalp and head in the massage process and work to ensure that it receives specifically tailored and unique treatments that are of the highest quality.

The head massage if more focused on working to stimulate vital areas just below the scalp which although as said before are sometimes overlooked, are completely vital to achieving a more complete sense of well-being and positivity. As well as contributing to all over relaxation and stress reduction a head massage also has unique properties to any other massage.

As part of the head massage the scalp is treated in such a way as to can help stimulate the nerves beneath the skin to achieve deep relaxation in the most important area of the body to achieve deep relation – the mind.

Furthermore the head massage has the added benefit of treating the blood vessels beneath the skin to increase blood flow around the brain which in turn can boost brain activity. This works by stimulating the blood vessels themselves as well relaxing the muscles around them to facilitate blood flow around the brain – keeping the single most important part of your body well oxygenated and maintaining a steady flow of nutrients.

Finally, the head massage also works to alleviate core tensions kept in the skin, nerves and muscles around the head. As well as promoting a more relaxed and healthier state of mind the removal of this tension can help to unclutter your mind and promote clear and positive thinking.

So if you want to think clearer and help boost your brain activity and circulation with traditional, natural techniques that work with your body’s natural processes and you also want the best possible treatment available in London, then look no further than Sante Massage. Simply book your head massage here on our website – and remember first time customers get a free gift!

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